Since 1990:

We have been working to improve
energy efficiency and optimize your systems
TEM application
100% Universality of TEM is opening great market opportunities
2020: We create TEM

The innovative management for controlling
refrigeration systems which saves significant amount of energy
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Taking a medium-big sized hyper market located in Europe as case study, we could have the following figures in mind to evaluate TEM´s impact:

  • Refrigerated display cabinets in such a hyper market: about 300.
  • Expected energy cost savings generated by installing our TEM system: more than 50.000€ / year.
  • Electricity savings of some 600 MWh/year means the avoidance of almost 500 CO2 tonnes/year, equivalent to:
GHG emissions from

1,761,326 Kilometres driven by an average passenger vehicle

Монтажная область 6Created by Vadim Solomakhinfrom the Noun Project

CO₂ emissions from

1,034 barrels
of oil consumed

Carbon sequestered by

14,569 square metres
of forest in one year

Environmental Benefits

  • Energy saving
  • Reduction of GHG emissions

Economic Benefits

  • Affordable cost
  • Quick payback
  • Relevant money savings considering the life cycle of the product

Integrational benefits

  • Advanced technology
  • Enhanced proprietary control algorithm
  • Simple to understand and user-friendly
  • Long term reliability

TEM is almost universal for any industrial or commercial refrigeration equipment.
It is:

Suitable for all kinds of refrigerants (also for CO₂ systems)

Suitable for new installations

Suitable for retrofit (as upgrade for exiting installations)

Concrete benefits for:

TEM can bring concrete benefits for:

  • Environment
  • Retail chains
  • OEMs
  • Distributors
  • Installers



● Immediate environmental benefits
● Quick payback
● Continuous money savings day by day during the years