Since 1990:

We have been working to improve
energy efficiency and optimize your systems
2020: We create TEM

The innovative management for controlling
refrigeration systems which saves significant amount of energy
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In TEKLAB, we are proud of delivering our technology which addresses real problems of our customers since our foundation back in 1990.

We are a dynamic company that, with almost 30 years of experience in electronics development, can today offer a wide range of Infra-Red liquid level switches in order to meet the growing market demand.

With a solid technical and industrial background in electronics and automation fields, we developed also innovative connectivity solutions integrating them in our sensors, level switches and regulators (Internet of Things).

Since many years we export our Italian made products to different customers in many countries all over the world.

Having always been sensitive and committed to environmental preservation and protection,
we are nowadays excited about the potential of TEM in creating new value
for our end-users in terms of energy and money savings.