Since 1990:

We have been working to improve
energy efficiency and optimize your systems
2020: We create TEM

The innovative management for controlling
refrigeration systems which saves significant amount of energy
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Our Solution for increasing Energy Efficiency
and saving money in Refrigeration Systems


Wasted energy in Refrigeration Systems

Wasted energy

Industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment consume large amount of electricity for their functioning also due to the inefficiency of their control. It is esteemed that among 35-50% of the total energy consumption of a food retail store is due to refrigeration. This also impacts on the environment with the release of GHG emissions.


Innovative management of refrigeration systems

Innovative management of refrigeration systems

We developed an innovative solution called TEM for controlling refrigeration systems which saves significant amount of energy: Not the usual industrial optimization project but the columbus’ egg for the management of the system.
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Increased energy efficiency of refrigeration systems is a real need in order to avoid the negative impacts of GHG emissions to our environment.

As added benefit allows relevant money savings.


  • 14 million CO2 tonnes*
  • 1,7 billion € / Year*


*Considering the whole European market


The key of success of TEM is that it is a disruptive and innovative approach to a widely diffused problem.

TEM is the combination of our advanced technology, innovative production processes and our long-time experience”

  • Advanced Technology which allows reliable control even in harsh conditions
  • Enhanced proprietary control algorithm for improving energy efficiency
  • Capability of adapting to different working conditions and ensuring stability of operation
  • Simple and user-friendly


Comparison with other technologies intended for Energy Savings in display cabinets

The market is ready for TEM and our brand is well known and trusted